Charissa Lee Photography


Brynlee + Matt First Look

The love story of Brynlee and Matt might as well be right outside of a fairytale! These two are high school sweethearts and their love has only gotten stronger through the years! I have had the pleasure of knowing Brynlee since Junior High! I have loved getting to reconnect with her and hear all about her love for her sweet man. The day of Brynlee and Matt's bridals was a cold and stormy March day. But it couldn't have been the more perfect backdrop at the capitol! 

Brynlee and Matt were so cute and nervous for the first look! But the second Matt turned around and say his lovely bride to be all the nerves were gone and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! 

Dress: Gowns by Pamela 

Florals: Brown Floral 

Brynlee + Matt Bridals-11.jpg
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