Charissa Lee Photography


Kimball + McKenna | Big Cottonwood Canyon | Jordan Pines

I am seriously so blessed to have the sweetest clients on the planet. And Kimball + McKenna are no exception! From the second I met this couple at the bottom of the Canyon I could tell we were going to be instant best friends. And not only because McKenna and I both have husbands named Kimball! We were so lucky to have so much fresh snow up at Jordan Pines, and when this outgoing couple told me they came prepared for a snowball fight I knew this was going to be a session for the books! Thanks McKenna and Kimball for letting me tag along and capture such special memories for you two! 

"Oh my gosh!!! Charissa! I LOVE THEM!! Seriously so cute! Thank you so much! You are amazing! We seriously love them! "