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My name is Charissa and I am a lover of love. I am a twenty something who is married to her High School Sweetheart and a mother to the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. You can always find me with a Dr. Pepper in hand and probably eating a Sweet Pork salad from Costa Vida. Because well those things are life. 

I never planned on being a photographer. In fact all my life I wanted to be a teacher. But everyday I am so lucky and blessed that photography found me. It has allowed me to build life long friendships and do something that I love every day of my life. It's like I found a calling I didn't know I had. 

My one and only goal is to capture memories that last a lifetime. I love to look for the real, the raw, the feelings you feel down in your stomach. Every moment deserves to be captured, every raw emotion deserves to be felt again through your images. After becoming a mom these moments became even more real, more important. If that's even possible. I feel in love all over again with this idea of saving the memory of love forever, dare I even say the feeling of it. Whether it's the love between a new bride and groom, or the love of siblings, the love, oh the sweet love, of two brand new parents, or the love between the sweetest parents who are celebrating 25 years. All those moments, that love deserves to be captured. 

I specialize in Weddings because nothing makes me happier than seeing a bride and groom excited to start their life together. 

So please contact me! I want to meet you and get out and shoot!